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November 07 2019

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October 24 2019

October 22 2019

October 10 2019

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October 09 2019


me: look at this book i just bought!

someone: ive been meaning to read that let me know how it is!

me: bold of you to assume i’ll read this right away and not let it sit on my shelf for ten years

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“What are your hobbies?”

me: “Well, I love reading - I’m a massive bookworm! Literally all I do is read-”

my books:

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October 04 2019

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October 02 2019

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September 08 2019

August 22 2019

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August 16 2019

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August 15 2019

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August 13 2019

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August 06 2019

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July 31 2019

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July 28 2019

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July 23 2019

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