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October 10 2010

The Strand. by Annie Wu
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May 29 2010

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Read more books than blogs.
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December 10 2009

P.P. McGuinness’ private library sale.
(Advertising Agency: Whybin/TBWA Sydney, Australia)

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September 12 2009

August 10 2009

Schock deine Eltern - lies ein Buch (shock your parents - read a book)
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July 05 2009

The end of dino
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June 28 2009

June 09 2009

Rayuela: King
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May 16 2009

March 24 2009

January 14 2009

the power of books by mladen pennev
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December 31 2008

advertisment by kaspen for the anagram bookshop in prague
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