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January 17 2010

January 08 2010

"books are good vacation companions"  book promotion showcard for the new york times by bill sokol
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December 11 2009

November 04 2009

October 16 2009

Peter Carey Backlist, designed by Jenny Grigg
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September 18 2009

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August 25 2009

Penguin Design Award. 2009 Design Award Winners and Shortlist

Peter adlington jacket detail
1st Place: Peter Adlington, Stockport College

The Pelican Project

Pelican Book Covers from the 30's to the 80's

Book Worship

For the most part, these are graphically interesting, but otherwise uncollectible, books that entered and exited bookstores quietly in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

July 03 2009

Space Alphabet, a flickr set by wardomatic

check out his other Vintage Children's Books sets as well.
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July 02 2009

Philip K. Dick - Book Cover Art Gallery

Philip K. Dick fans from around the world have contributed to this scanned collection of over 650 PKD book covers. We think you will enjoy seeing the many visual interpretations of his stories presented here.
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June 17 2009

June 15 2009

Harry Potter's Monster Book by Vicky Guile
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May 12 2009

Depeche Mode: Violater from Cover versions.

Classic records lost in time and format, re-emerged as Pelican books.
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May 08 2009

Perforated Heart by Eric Bogosian
Designed by Jason Heuer, published by Simon & Schuster
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April 12 2009

The Teddy Bear's Picnic, designed by Lang Leav
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March 23 2009

March 18 2009

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