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March 07 2014

 - Vintage Book, Library, War Military Poster
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March 06 2014

March 04 2014

March 03 2014

Jessica Dupuis and My Jessica Book
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February 26 2014

 Art piece by Wary Myers
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February 11 2014

February 07 2014

By phaidon
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November 28 2010

October 13 2010

Allen Ginsberg Beat Poet, designed by Lucy Stephens
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September 18 2010

1786 ec6e

The 30th Anniversary Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Series from Pan Macmillan features DIY covers by Crush Creative: Personalize at your leisure with an enclosed sticker sheet. Towel sold separately.

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September 17 2010

Il etait une fois - Benjamin Lacombe by B&C
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July 25 2010

July 22 2010

Rundbuch [engl. round book] by Fürstbischof Julius Echter
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"Los niños en la playa" by Azorín, designed by Astrid Haas (tulibri)
Tags: book design
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June 25 2010

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy (follow link for larger images)
Book Cover Series by Andrew Lee
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June 23 2010

May 24 2010

May 19 2010


Illustration by Paul Sahre and Jonas Beuchert
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