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July 19 2010

designed by Danny Kuo
Tags: bookcase
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June 28 2010

Ark Booktower




Ark Booktower by Rintala Eggertsson
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

Tags: bookcase

June 08 2010

Decay Shelf By Stanislav Katz
Tags: bookcase
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Labyrinth by Karsten Parthoens
Tags: bookcase
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Book Worm by Cyrill Drummerson
Tags: bookcase
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May 27 2010

book shelf by sandeep sangaru
Tags: bookcase
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Letters by Pieter de Leeuw
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May 15 2010

April 01 2010

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March 23 2010

February 22 2010

The WisdomTree Bookshelf by Jordi Milà
How is that no one had an idea for a bookshelf like this one?
Tags: bookcase
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February 04 2010

Tags: bookcase
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February 01 2010


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January 31 2010

January 16 2010

Vintage by Jaren Goh

Tags: bookcase
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December 14 2009

MOLLY by stange design
Tags: bookcase
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December 12 2009

0245 30fd 500

A custom bookshelf specifically design and built by dbd Studio for a condo in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC.

Tags: bookcase
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Booktree by ulle.b

Tags: bookcase
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