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May 05 2010

I thought there's nothing new to be invented about storing books...
These and others on Toxel.
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April 11 2010

by Jud Turner
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March 23 2010

Puckman by Mirko Ginepro Design
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January 22 2010

Snow Bird shelf

Tags: bookshelf
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November 25 2009

Cloud Shelf.

Tags: bookshelf
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November 06 2009

Picchio by Tarcisio Colzani
Tags: bookshelf
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Toboga by Tarcisio Colzani
Tags: bookshelf
Booxx Bookcase by Denis Santachiara
Tags: bookshelf
Sum by Peter Marigold
Tags: bookshelf
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October 28 2009

Bookrest bookshelf

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Piniwini bookshelf

Tags: bookshelf
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October 27 2009

Readers' Nest Book shelf

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October 06 2009

Random Wood bookshelves by Shimokawa Toru

Tags: bookshelf
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July 28 2009

stretch shelf by pete oyler
Tags: bookshelf
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June 20 2009

Bookshelf Porn

Tags: bookshelf
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June 08 2009

Comic shelf by Oscar Nunez
Tags: bookshelf

May 28 2009

Framed Objects by the.

These frames - with a vase, shelf, or hooks - decorate and emphasize the objects held within. Turn flowers, books, keys, jewelry, articles of clothing, and other ordinary objects into works of art.
Tags: bookshelf

April 01 2009

Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends, Ron Arad 2009
Tags: bookshelf
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March 24 2009

March 07 2009

Movement Bookcase by Samulnoli
Tags: bookshelf
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