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January 22 2010


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September 10 2009

May 08 2009

Perforated Heart by Eric Bogosian
Designed by Jason Heuer, published by Simon & Schuster
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March 21 2009

Book City Jackets by Jeremy Schwartz
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March 18 2009

Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon
Cover designed by Jordan Crane
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March 11 2009

Books help to create Icons

If you have a lot of Books of the same Size, you can print out Dust-Jackets for them that feature a Pixel Pattern on their Spine. You just have to arrange the Books in the right Way to create Pixel Icons.
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January 22 2009

Book Decor

Your source for decorative leather bound books 'by the foot' - Old used books for Interior Designers, Decorators and the Public
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