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January 11 2011

My Best Friend by Beloved-Creature
Tags: illustration
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October 10 2010

The Strand. by Annie Wu
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August 11 2010

July 28 2010

bookshelfboy by stealinghearts
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June 09 2010

Illustration by Piotr Socha

Tags: illustration
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November 11 2009

Books for children from Books Fair in Krakow

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May 02 2009

Karte des Bücherlandes (Map of the Land Of Books) by Anton Woelfle, 1938

(information in english)
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March 18 2009

The Book of Eclipses
'Eclipses luminarium summa fide et accurata diligentia supputatae, ac figuris coloribusque suis artificiose depictae, quarum rationes ab anno domini 1554. usque in annum domini 1600. se extendunt et ad meridianum Viennae Austriae referuntur - BSB Cod.icon. 181' by Cyprian Leowitz is online at the The Digital Library Department of the Bavarian State Library. (ostensibly: 'Accurate coloured depictions of solar and lunar eclipses covering the years 1554 to 1600 with Vienna, Austria as the point of reference')
Victorian Blood Book from the Library of Evelyn Waugh

February 06 2009

Produced c1500, the book is filled with designs for different styles of script, letters, initials and decorative borders. All are believed to have come from one workshop, where the book would have been used not just in ye olde pitche meetinge but also to teach assistants how to reproduce the house styles.

A Designer’s Portfolio, 16th Century-Style (via Nerdcore)

January 13 2009

Book review illustration for the Baltimore City Paper for "Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing" by Jennifer Daniel
Tags: illustration
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December 15 2008

excerpt from the incredible book-eating boy by oliver jeffers
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