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May 14 2010

The Enlightenment by Studiomeiboom
Tags: lamp spines
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December 21 2009

roderick vos: mr. ed

Designboom - Weblog

dutch designer roderik vos has designed this lamp and bookend exclusively for the online shop vos got he inspiration for the design while looking at his own book collection and
imagining how a scattering of small lights would showcase the books. the design features two book like
shapes that sandwich a small light that shines down. the design is intended as both a reading light...
Tags: lamp

December 09 2009

August 18 2009

January 17 2009

Lili Lite by Studio Smeets Design

A sensor turns off the light when an open book is placed on the shelf. When the book is picked up again, the light automatically turns on.
Tags: lamp book rest
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January 16 2009

Bookmark Lamp by Fulgaro
(via Fubiz)
Tags: lamp book rest

January 11 2009

Luce by Bom Design
Tags: lamp
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December 21 2008

multibook by dante donegani & giovanni lauda

December 07 2008

book of lights by takeshi ishiguro
Tags: lamp
light reading by sam johnson
Tags: lamp
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