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September 21 2010

Once Upon a Title

pervy little stories made entirely from children's book titles
Tags: misc

August 23 2010

Awful Library Books

The shame of library collections!
Tags: misc

June 09 2010

Picture Book by Stephen Bretland
Tags: misc

May 04 2010

The keep my arms warm when I read in bed thing by Andrea Ayala Closa
Tags: misc

April 23 2010

Wir sehen feiern heute doppelt: zum einen haben wir heute den Tag des Deutschen Bieres, zum anderen haben wir heute den Tag des Buches.

Na, dann: Prost!
Tags: misc
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December 16 2009

Create A Custom Notebook, Featuring Your Tweets with TweetNotebook.

Tags: misc diy
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July 03 2009

Books as planters
 tokyo detail images tk010003 d13
BB pal Tara McGinley spotted these delightful planter kits, called Honbachi, from Japan, containing the plant, soil, and a hollowed-out book. Looks like it would be fun and easy to DIY too! Book planters

Tags: diy misc
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June 25 2009

lit 101 pillow
Tags: linen misc

June 08 2009

Wikipedia by Rob Matthews
5000 pages, fully printed
Tags: misc
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Now you can finally enjoy reading e-books without giving up the smell you love so much. With Smell of Books™ you can have the best of both worlds, the convenience of an e-book and the smell of your favorite paper book.
Tags: misc
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May 02 2009

Karte des Bücherlandes (Map of the Land Of Books) by Anton Woelfle, 1938

(information in english)
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March 21 2009

Bookbag by Lizania Cruz
Tags: bookart misc

March 18 2009

The Mysterybox by Bruce Wright
The parcel arrived on our doorstep  around eleven pm on the Twenty-fourth.  It was addressed to Harry Potter, 12 Grimauld Place, London.  It was wrapped in brown paper, and two envelopes from the Department of Mysteries were attached with string.

February 23 2009

Cardboard Stool Bookworm
Tags: misc furniture

February 07 2009

Play fullscreen
ScanRobot - the automatic book scanner by Treventus Mechatronics GmbH
Tags: video misc

January 25 2009

Wonderland Expedition Kit by absinthetic
(via boingboing)
Tags: misc feature
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January 22 2009

Book Shelf Room Divider from Oriental Furniture

January 10 2009

A brilliant new invention for reading books – it makes reading more comfortable. Also use it as a bookmark. Ideal for reading in bed, or in the bath or on the beach. Great for commuters.
Tags: misc
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January 09 2009

savings book by jörg gätjens

December 21 2008

looking at libraries: defining space through content by valérie madill
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