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September 17 2010

Il etait une fois - Benjamin Lacombe by B&C
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December 08 2009

Harpers Bazaar Pop-Up Book

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November 19 2009

November 14 2009

October 22 2009

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Electronic Popables by Jie Qi
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September 08 2009

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600 Black Spots by David A. Carter
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June 08 2009

Medical Oddities, Nature's Anomalies and Carnival Gaffs: A Pop Up Book for Children by crowolf

May 10 2009

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Inside The Personal Computer
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May 04 2009

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Visionaire 55 Surprise
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February 23 2009

Inside the Pop-Up Studio with Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart from Paul Barman

read the interview
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December 05 2008

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