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February 19 2010

Dziewczyny też rysują komiksy
Genialny projekt! Ja tam chce!

Girls draw comic too...
Brilliant idea! I want to do this!!
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February 14 2010

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good friends
good books
and a sleepy conscience:
this is the ideal life
- mark twain
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February 03 2010

January 14 2010

January 06 2010

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December 30 2009

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so many books; so little time.
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December 25 2009

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December 19 2009

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September 13 2009

Books Print by theblackapple
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or tea
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July 19 2009

June 24 2009

June 18 2009

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'lektura to najbardziej wolny i samotny akt w życiu człowieka. czasem 20 stron może zmienić całe życie.' [carmen balcells]

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June 09 2009

20081222162705 by vicrodrigues1

May 16 2009

May 12 2009

March 24 2009

Readers 10-28-2009 by Michael's Photos!
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March 07 2009

Imagination (girl) by dazeychic
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February 07 2009

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Librarians are the pimps of information.
-S.L. Chate
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February 01 2009

Books Rule! Tee
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