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March 28 2010

new by mistybliss
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March 04 2010

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January 31 2010

January 22 2010


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December 30 2009

der einzig wahre Fernseher in dem das Programm nicht totaler Müll ist :D
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December 22 2009

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December 19 2009

looks like paradise to me :>

December 10 2009

P.P. McGuinness’ private library sale.
(Advertising Agency: Whybin/TBWA Sydney, Australia)

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December 09 2009

November 21 2009

books' love by Marta Bevacqua
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November 15 2009

November 05 2009

A clock.

Tags: clock spines
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September 13 2009

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or tea
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always on my mind by note.worthy
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September 10 2009

September 05 2009

Streetart by Paper Twins
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June 29 2009

Old Book Bindings by Tom Murphy
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