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January 11 2009

Fore-edge painting by Martin Frost
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January 10 2009

TheThumbCinema Flipbooks from Fernanda Frick

December 28 2008

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library book dominoes
Tags: video
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Beauty is nothing without brains.
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origami book by extremeorigami
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December 15 2008

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baby got book by dan smith
Tags: video music humor

December 13 2008

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magic moving images - animated optical illusiuons by colin ord
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book launch 2.0 by dennis cass
Tags: video humor
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make: a book with a secret compartment
Tags: video diy
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moleskine book hack
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introducing the book by knut nærum
Tags: video humor
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lemony snicket: 12 books in 120 seconds
Tags: video feature
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December 08 2008

December 06 2008

December 05 2008

books that breathe by edith kollath
Tags: bookart video
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