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November 14 2009

October 22 2009

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Electronic Popables by Jie Qi
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September 20 2009

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September 09 2009

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Book trailer:  Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper 
(via nerdcore)
Tags: video bookart
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September 08 2009

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600 Black Spots by David A. Carter
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September 03 2009

August 25 2009

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The Monstorologist - A memoir in Rhyme (Trailer)
Ghost written by Bobby Katz
Illustrated by Adam McCauly

July 15 2009

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Innovative brochure for London office development shows reader graphical content when flipped in one direction, and high gloss architectural photography when flipped the other.

June 03 2009

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Cut Out Flipbook by Matt Shilan
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Inhale Exhale Flipbook by Matt Shilan

May 10 2009

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Inside The Personal Computer
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May 04 2009

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Visionaire 55 Surprise
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March 21 2009

Slagsmålsklubben from Tomas Nilsson
School assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little red ridning hood.
Tags: video feature
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The Wizard of Oz by Graham Rawle
Tags: video feature

February 23 2009

Inside the Pop-Up Studio with Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart from Paul Barman

read the interview
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803,000,000 by Nikki Chung

803,000,000 is a short movie that gives context to the numbers of tourism. Using the Experience guidebooks as a physical bar graph, the movie shows a variety of ways to understand global tourism figures in relationship to factors of continent, GDP, population, Kyoto Treaty signatories, and countries currently at war.

February 12 2009

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Noteboek by Evelien Lohbeck
Tags: video
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February 07 2009

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ScanRobot - the automatic book scanner by Treventus Mechatronics GmbH
Tags: video misc
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Cellular Book by Polymer Vision

Polymer Vision has created an e-ink display that's totally rollable, and they've created a mobile device that will use it.
Tags: e-book video
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January 25 2009

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Cover Story: John Gall
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