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July 29 2010

Book Marks is taking its name too literally...

Let Mark Wahlburg, Mark Zukerman, Karl Marcs, Mark Twain, Mark Anthony and Mark Hamil be a part of every chapter you read. Buy it here.
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June 08 2010

Leaf-it sticky notes by Appree
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June 04 2010

May 28 2010

Wood Bookmark "Never judge a book by its movie." by quotesandnotes
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March 26 2010

L'Albatros by Oscar Lhermitte (2007)
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The Page Chaser by Hyeon Joo Lee (2009)
The Page Chaser is a flexible bookmark that automatically marks the page as you turn them. Ordinary bookmarks can fall out and require you to correctly mark where you left off. Why waste all that precious brain power on something so mundane? The Page Chaser catches every page as you turn.
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March 02 2010

BunnyBookmark and BearBookmark Tabs from Poketo.
5 different characters, 100 adhesive tabs in each pack.

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February 15 2010

Green Marker by Yuruliku

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February 04 2010

Pointing Finger Book Mark by 25togo
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January 22 2010


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January 08 2010

December 15 2009

book hook by till ritterbach
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July 27 2009

forgotten bookmarks

I work at a used and rare bookstore, and I buy books from people everyday. These are the personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things I find in those books.
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June 24 2009

April 28 2009

book darts
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March 18 2009

Galaga Bookmark by gimcracks
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February 26 2009

Save Bookmark by icoeye
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February 16 2009

Burning Bookmark
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January 24 2009

Read Books Not Blogs. by beaconbookmarks
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January 23 2009

ABRACADABRA Puffy Bookmark by Jung-Hyun Lee, Won-Sik Chae & Rhea Jeong
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