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September 29 2010

The future of the book
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September 05 2010

Book Vending Machine

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August 11 2010

May 27 2010

Library Hotel. NYC

The Library Hotel New York City is Midtown Manhattan's most celebrated concept luxury boutique hotel. […] Each of the ten guestroom floors at the Library Hotel in New York City is dedicated to one of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System: Social Sciences, Literature, Languages, History, Math & Science, General Knowledge, Technology, Philosophy, The Arts and Religion.
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January 05 2010

"I Swear To Good You Are God At This: An inspiring guide to being creative and making awesome" Book.

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December 22 2009

I'd really like to.

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December 16 2009

I seriously need this book!
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October 08 2009

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July 29 2009
Pocket-sized Alphabeth of Hip Hop by jasonurban

March 21 2009

Slagsmålsklubben from Tomas Nilsson
School assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little red ridning hood.
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The Wizard of Oz by Graham Rawle
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March 18 2009

The Mysterybox by Bruce Wright
The parcel arrived on our doorstep  around eleven pm on the Twenty-fourth.  It was addressed to Harry Potter, 12 Grimauld Place, London.  It was wrapped in brown paper, and two envelopes from the Department of Mysteries were attached with string.

February 25 2009

geometric book by kapitza

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January 25 2009

Wonderland Expedition Kit by absinthetic
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January 18 2009 (german only)

Autoren lesen zehn von ihnen ausgewählte Seiten aus ihrem Buch vor.
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January 10 2009

there are places in the world where peole do not dream of rocket-powered unicorns
an awsome book! by dallas clayton

January 07 2009

December 13 2008

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lemony snicket: 12 books in 120 seconds
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