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September 29 2010

Bike shelf by knife & saw
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September 15 2010

The information desk at the TU Delft Library is made of books

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July 19 2010

Applied Literature by János Hübler
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Parallel world collection by Dzmitry Samal
Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

June 18 2010

Reading Table by Uli Budde
Tags: furniture
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May 05 2010

I thought there's nothing new to be invented about storing books...
These and others on Toxel.
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March 23 2010

Puckman by Mirko Ginepro Design
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March 04 2010

3227 cc2f 500
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February 11 2010

February 09 2010

Woman Reading on Top of Ladder © Bettmann/CORBIS
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February 01 2010


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November 06 2009

Upsido by Roderick Vos

November 04 2009

book-harp by hanspeter steiger
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November 03 2009

November 01 2009

September 15 2009

July 13 2009

collection for Skitsch by Front Design

Front made a collection for the new brand Skitsch, wich was shown for the first time in Milan 2009.
A hidden storage, like in a James Bond movie. The door of the cupboards has a bookshelf print to create an illusion.

March 08 2009

Table-livre Biklé by Bertrande Durand-Jenny
Tags: furniture
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