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January 26 2011

Taken by Gayla Trail (aka yougrowgirl)
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November 28 2010

 new prop installation by cathyofcalifornia
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October 30 2010

- by David Avigdor Madmoun
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Lloyd Hotel Store, Amsterdam by Luc Roymans
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Untitled by glttr_freez
Tags: photography
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October 22 2010

D’espresso by Nemaworkshop

October 21 2010

Headless Series: Photo #4 by Zach Schrock
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October 19 2010

Books at night by Karin in Paris

 I just love these secondhand bookshops, it almost feels like taking a dog from animal shelter. You're getting a new friend.
Tags: photography
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October 07 2010

Tree : Paper : Books by oona13
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October 03 2010

Chair Shelf by Laura Trevey
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Untitled by tess roby
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September 28 2010

Multimedia message by rockcreek [taken at Lorem Ipsum Books, Cambridge, MA, 7/13/08]
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salinger + cigarettes by tess roby
Tags: photography
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September 21 2010

August 27 2010

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August 26 2010

Georgia May Jagger for Vogue, photographed by Max Vadukul
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August 23 2010

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August 18 2010

Old Thoughts by BlotoAngeles
Tags: photography
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