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March 11 2014

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February 18 2014

February 12 2014

Portfolio Book-Cut Sculpture by
Su Blackwell
Tags: sculpture

August 07 2010

Sitting on History by Bill Woodrow
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March 06 2010

From the sculptural exhibition at Jesus College, Cambridge, Bill Woodrow's bronze sculpture "Sitting on History".
Phot. by Sir Cam
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March 04 2010

0384 96bd
by Alicia Martín
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book cell by matej krén
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February 18 2010

University of Warsaw Library
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January 10 2010

December 20 2009

6340 bec9
left: by Su Blackwell
right: by Georgia Russell
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December 10 2009

Those things made of books never gonna bore me.
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P.P. McGuinness’ private library sale.
(Advertising Agency: Whybin/TBWA Sydney, Australia)

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November 29 2009

May 19 2009

April 16 2009

Biografías, created by artist Alicia Martín using 5000 books.
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February 23 2009

Between The Lines by Julie Mathias & Wolfgang Kaeppner (WOKmedia)

January 27 2009

Der moderne Buchdruck (Modern Book Printing)

The construction of this sculpture with more than twelve meters height took about three days on the Bebelplatz. It is to commemorate to a lot of German writers and poets and especially to Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of Modern Book Printing around 1450 in Mainz. He produced the first „Bestseller“ in history: the Bible.
(quote source: wikimedia)
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January 25 2009

Salvation Lies Within by James Hopkins
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January 14 2009

Book Sculpturs by Nicholas Jones

January 11 2009

Inside Out by Jacqueline Rush Lee
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